Anthem Details Post-Launch Plans

BioWare (Mass Effect, Dragon Age) and EA have announced post-launch plans for their recently released – depending on which version you purchased – third-person shooter, Anthem.

As with every game in the year 2019, Anthem will continue to be supported with new content for time immemorial – or until the sequel is released, whichever comes first.

While details are sparse, an information page on the Anthem website shows planned content which takes place over the next four months. Act 1 will include new freeplay events, new cosmetics, new missions, new strongholds, expanded progression, social features and something called Cataclysm – which, as you might have expected, will be “a world-changing event that will bring with it an entirely new experience”, according to an EA press release.

Here’s a breakdown of the new features below.

February 2019 – a.k.a. sometime this week

  • New Freeplay events: Outlaw Outrage, There Be Giants and Shaper Surge

March 2019

  • New Cosmetics: Elysian Stronghold Caches
  • New Items
  • Legendary Missions – Phase 1
  • Freeplay events: There Be Giants, Outlaw Outrages and two unannounced events

April 2019

  • Expanded progression: Mastery System
  • New Items
  • Freeplay event: Shaper Surge, and six unannounced events
  • Legendary Missions – Phase 2
  • New Stronghold: The Sunken
  • Social features: Weekly Stronghold Challenge, Leaderboards, Guilds

May 2019

  • Unannounced Freeplay event
  • Unannounced Mission
  • New Items
  • CATACLYSM STARTS! (The capitals definitely felt necessary)

Anthem will have at least three acts worth of post-launch content, more than likely marking the first year of its existence.

I just had to put this trailer in because of the cool ‘Crazy Train’ remix

My Thoughts

Anthem has been off to a rough start for some, especially those playing before the Day One patch was released, which was actually day six or seven for some people, but that’s a discussion for another time – like next week most likely.

By the look of this roadmap, different Freeplay events will rotate in and out as staples, and new missions will slowly seep through. Hopefully this becomes a trend, because replaying the same lot of activities, no matter how engaging, eventually takes its toll.

Only time will tell if these will be enough to keep people coming back, and ensure die hard fans aren’t complaining about having nothing to do.

I’m currently playing through Anthem and formulating my thoughts, but I will say I’m enjoying the gameplay and story, but there are little annoyances (like a lot of loading) around these that can make for a frustrating experience. Stay tuned for my full thoughts.

What do you think of Anthem so far? Does this post-launch plan excite you? Let’s discuss further on Twitter @NateThinks.

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