Overwatch’s Next Hero is Baptiste, a Combat Medic

Blizzard has has released an origins video for the next Overwatch Hero, the French (maybe, considering a Paris map was recently added to the game) combat medic Baptiste.

In the video, Baptiste explains how he was affected by the war with the Omnics – Overwatch’s race of robots – which led him to join evil organisation Talon. The end of the trailer suggests he’s learned from his wrongs and is trying to redeem himself.

But really, that means nothing in Overwatch, a game where the good guys can team up with the bad guys because players choose whoever they want.

While we don’t know anything about Baptiste, it’s likely he’ll be a support character with a more offensive role that allows him to switch between shooting and healing. He’s holding a grenade launcher looking weapon at the end, so perhaps he’ll be able to switch his weapon between damage and healing – this is all speculation though.

We’ll more than likely find out more about Baptiste later this week, and as is typically the case he’ll probably be available on the Public Test Server on PC.

Baptiste will become Overwatch’s 30th Hero, and it’s ninth hero since its 2016 release.

My Thoughts

The support class has been lacking heroes compared to the tank and damage class (especially since offensive and defensive damage heroes were combined in one pool), and Baptiste might provide a more offensive option for support players. As someone who tends to fill the support role, Baptiste seems like an interesting new hero.

It remains to be seen whether Baptiste will have an impact on the current competitive meta – if that’s important to you – which basically makes Lucio a required pick.

I haven’t played Overwatch in a while, after playing it religiously for some time, so this seems like a great time to jump back in.

What are your thoughts about the new Overwatch hero? Let me know on Twitter @NateThinks, or comment below.

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