New Overwatch Hero Baptiste’s Abilities Revealed

Blizzard has revealed more details about Overwatch’s 30th Hero, Baptiste.

The ability reveal came in a post from Overwatch Community Manager Tom Powers on the Overwatch forum, announcing the next patch is currently available on the PC’s Public Test Realm.

Baptiste is a combat media who carries a biotic launcher that fires three-round bursts at enemies. Its alternate fire mode allows Baptiste to lob healing grenades at allies.

Baptiste’s first ability is a regenerative burst that heals himself and nearby allies overtime, similar to Lucio’s passive healing.

The combat medic’s other ability is an immortality field that prevents allies from dying.

Baptites’s ultimate ability is Amplification Matrix which doubles the damage and healing effects of ally projectiles.

It appears Baptiste is a mobile hero because his exo boots will allow him to jump over obstacles and clear distances that other heroes can’t.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

As hypothesised yesterday, Baptiste is now available to try in the Public Test Realm, along with changes to quite a few other heroes.

  • Ana’s Nano Boost has had its heal reduced
  • Doomfist’s cooldowns have been reduced
  • Hanzo’s sonic arrow has had its detection radius increased
  • Lucio’s Sonic Amplifier now counts towards Offensive Assists
  • McCree’s Fan the Hammer has been reduced due to a reduction in armour’s effectiveness, but his Deadeye’s damage per second has been increased from 275 to 550 after locking on for 2.5 seconds, making him much more deadly to tanks and barriers
  • Mei’s primary fire damage has been increased and the health of her Ice Wall decreased
  • Moira’s Biotic Grasp healing over time has been increased
  • Orisa only moves 30% slower when shooting, rather than 50%
  • Pharah’s minimum explosion damage has been increased
  • Soldier: 76’s Pulse Rifle damage has been increased by 1, potentially allowing him to kill an enemy one shot sooner, his Tactical Visor can now target Rip-Tire and Immortality Field – a great change – and there’s less of a delay before firing after sprinting
  • Sombra’s Hack cooldown has been reduced when hacking a health pack
  • Torbjorn has had some of his base armour increased, but his Overload ability now gives him less armour to compensate
  • Widowmaker’s Infra-Sight now reveals enemy health bars, but is cancelled on death
  • Wrecking Ball’s Adaptive Shield no longer cancels Roll mode

You can read the detailed changes, numbers and all, and Blizzard’s reasoning on the forum post here.

The patch also fixed a bug “where, if switching between Junkrat Skins, one of the bombs on his vest would spin”, because apparently that was a thing.

No word on when this patch will make its way to the live game, or to consoles, but don’t history suggests it won’t be too long provided there’s nothing inherently wrong with the new patch.

My Thoughts

I’d like to claim a semi-victory for my prediction of a grenade launcher yesterday, although I was wrong assume he was French, his profile suggests he’s Haitian, which did have French influence until a revolution.

Baptiste is quite clearly an attempt to offer an alternative to Lucio, with the area of effect healing and greater movement capabilities.

If Baptiste’s three-round burst is effective enough, it could be a good pick for aggressive teams who don’t want to completely do away with their healer for more damage.

All in all, another support character is never a bad thing, and I think Blizzard have realised some support players enjoy having a greater impact on teams other than simply healing – despite what that Pharah on your team thinks.

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