50 Million Players Have Played Apex Legends In First Month

One month after its reveal, and subsequent release, Apex Legends announced it has been played by 50 million players worldwide.

The latest battle royale game from developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts, revealed the massive milestone via a post on its
official Twitter account.

The news was accompanied by a video which shared other gameplay statistics Apex Legends achieved within the game’s first month, such as 158 million finishers used, 1.23 billion ultimates activated, 31 billion pings placed, 170 million respawns and maybe one Mozambique kill, making fun of the community’s insistence that the shotgun pistol is not effective.

While many would see this as another figure to show Apex Legends is the true Fortnite competitor, IGN reminded readers that Fortnite had over 200 million players as of November 2018. It’s worth noting this is not a concurrent player count, just anyone who has ever played the game.

Sometime this month, Apex Legends is expected to launch its battle pass, a now popular time-limited pass for free-to-play games which grants unique unlockable items.

Source: Electronic Arts

My Thoughts

The battle royale genre is very much here to stay, and it’s clear we haven’t yet reached the stage where new battle royales can no longer take a slice of the pie (see League of Legends and Dota 2’s hold over the MOBA genre).

A bunch of players enjoying a new game is never a bad thing, and it’s very clear many are finding Apex Legends to be a fun experience. While the battle royale genre isn’t quite my forte, I recently shared my thoughts on the game, loving the fresh take it brings to the genre.

Achieving 50 million players is no easy feat, even for a free-to-play title, and Respawn Entertainment should be commended for designing a great game that’s also largely supported the influx of players with minimal impact on servers. The next challenge will be how it chooses to support that player base moving forward.

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