What do critics think of Rage 2?

Rage 2, the latest open-world shooter by veteran studios id Software and Avalanche Studios is now available.

To celebrate the launch of the game, publisher Bethesda Softworks has released a fun trailer, highlighting some of the weapons, enemies and other characters you’ll come across in Rage 2.

id Software has a history of creating amazing shooters, like the beloved Doom, Wolfenstein and Quake franchises. Meanwhile, Avalanche Studios knows a thing about open-world games, behind the chaotic Just Cause franchise.

While most media outlets didn’t receive review codes until shortly before launch, reviews are starting to trickle in for Rage 2. At the time of writing, the game has a score of 73 on review aggregation website Metacritic.

While scores vary – IGN scored Rage 2 8.0/10, Game Informer 7/10 and Gamespot 6/10 – opinions have been similar. All three praised the Doom-inspired combat, which keeps an energetic pace. However, they also felt the open world was somewhat underwhelming and not developed enough.

Rage 2 was announced last year after an infamous Walmart Canada leak revealed the game. The Twitter account for Rage 2 recently ran a competition poking fun at the leak.

If you’re interested in jumping into Rage 2, it is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Do you plan on picking up Rage 2, let me know what you think on Twitter @NateThinks, or follow Think First Entertainment on Facebook.

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