What is Think First Entertainment?

Opinions are important, and so is unique content. Think First Entertainment aims to provide just that, in the world of entertainment and popular culture. The primary aim of Think First Entertainment will be to encourage conversation and thought. I don’t want to tell you what to think, but offer an opinion that will help you to make your own judgement.

You can get breaking news from other bigger websites that have more resources to cover more things, so don’t expect too much breaking news from Think First Entertainment. However, when news is covered, there will be thoughts at the end to get you thinking.

This is largely an experimental idea that will take shape as time passes, but for now Think First Entertainment will be a place for you to find articles about video games, film, and other mediums.

But why should you bother with my opinion? Well, hopefully my writing will speak for itself, but my background may help.

My name is Nathan Manning. Before starting Think First Entertainment, I was an Xbox Editor for Analog Addiction, a website that covered the video game industry. The website enjoyed a healthy four years before we made the difficult decision to cease producing content, for a number of reasons. I’ve got experience writing opinion, critique and features about the video game industry and feel confident that I can branch out into other industries.

Some of my favourite articles from Analog Addiction include my feature article on the state of the video game industry in Australia (which survives here), my analysis of Halo’s protagonist Master Chief, and a more comedic piece comparing the protagonist of Watch_Dogs to Batman (neither of which survived the website shutting down).

Due to my background and it being a main hobby of mine, Think First Entertainment will tend to focus on video games, while dabbling in other entertainment mediums.

As a one person team, I can’t guarantee daily content, but I can promise that you’ll want to come back every time I new article is posted.

Welcome to Think First Entertainment!